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Wedding card/album

This wedding card is made from an old book.

The lucky couple was to have a money-gift and the happy giver would like something unusual to present.

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A few details:

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Thank you for stopping by. I hope you all have a wonderful day 🙂

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Personalized book

Bog efter


I have made this beautiful book for my niece as a gift for her communion.

I took an old book, and personalized it, using her favourite colour and a style that she (hopefully?) likes.

If you would like to try this yourself, it is actually not that hard:

1)      Find an old book and cut out all the pages.

Bog før

2)      Change the cover (if you do not like the original one) with paper.

      I even added her name to make the book even more personal.


3)      Add a ringbinder. I used little screws specific for ringbinders.

Afterwards I painted them with gold paint so they would match the golden letters

of the original book. Finally, I gave them a layer of clear nail polish.



4)      Make your own pages so they fit the book, your style and colours.

For this book I made 3 pages to be used as separators for ordinary paper.

One of them, I made from a brown paper-bag.

I folded the bag to make a pocket in the middle and then decorated.

The two other pages were made from hard card-board, and decorated.



5)      Finally I decorated the inside of the covers.

There you go: Your very own, unique, personalized, re- and upcycled book.

Åben bog


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Vintage bird feeder

I love recycling/upcycling, and I think we all owe it to our children – and nature.

For this project, I reused an old christmas ornament (angel), an old frame corner, ribbon from an old pillowcase and some left over paint, from when I painted my bedroom.

Love the result.

Vintage birds feeding house

Upcycled vintage bird feeder

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